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  • Ahmed Ali, Fatuma (The Horn Bulletin, 2019)
    South Sudan, the newest African state, is entangled in a complex political and humanitarian emergencies since the civil war broke out in Juba in December 2013. This has seen massive destruction of property, thousands of ...
  • Lucy W. Kungu; Sheikh Yusuf Nasur; Maryanne Mwangi; Esther Kieya; Dr. Lucas Otwera; Fr. Joseph Mutie; Bishop Osham Ominde; Imelda Namayi; Roseline Warutere; Patricia K. Macharia; Aziza Gulam; Fr. Francis Maina; Dr. Bethseba Osoro; Christine Njogu; Eddy Mungoni; Fr. Lucas Manwa; Rev. Jane Ng'ang'a; Bishop James Okombo; Sara Mellilo; Nicholas Musembi; Rose Koki Mutuku; Ann Mwebia; Rev. Jason Kabera; Rev. Connie Kivuti; Dr. Samuel Mwenda; Dr. Mugo Godwin; Tabitha Rono; Bramwel Siku; Dr. Charity Waithima; Nkatha Njeru; Mike Mugweru (Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP), 2019)
    Counseling in the context of HIV and AIDS care is a combination of information exchange, skill acquisition and emotional support as the counselor interacts with the person infected with HIV (the client) and ...
  • Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe (The Elephant, 2018)
    Over the past two weeks, the world’s media has been transfixed by two images that would have been unthinkable until recently: the image of an American president at war with his G7 allies and another one showing him basking ...
  • Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe (The Elephant, 2018)
    Over the past two decades African higher education has undergone profound changes. In the 1960s and 1970s, universities on the continent were few in number, small in scale, and elitist institutions with the limited mandate ...
  • Gijon, Pablo Rubio (Societat d’Amics de la Serra d’Espadà, 2019)

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